5 Spring Lawn Care Tips

With Spring officially beginning this week (Thursday, 3/20/14) I felt this was a fitting article to share. Let’s hope we start seeing green soon!

Spring is the time of year when the sun is warm, the breeze is cool, and the steady hum of lawnmowers once again fills the air. American homeowners take a great deal of pride in their yards, spending about $6.4 billion a year on lawn care, according to the Professional Lawn Care Association of America [source: The Lawn Institute]. They buy seed, fertilizer, herbicide, lawnmowers, string trimmers, and other equipment in an effort to create the ideal lawn: a lush, green expanse of grass that feels cool between the toes.

A healthy summer lawn starts with spring maintenance. Winter can alter soil pH, compact the soil, and create conditions friendly to weeds and disease, so it’s crucial that you properly clean, fertilize and mow your yard early in the season. So what can you do when winter’s receding snow reveals bare spots, invasive plants and other problems with your patch of green? Don’t panic — break out the broadcast spreader and click through our list of spring lawn care tips. Read More>>

-Pumphrey, Clint. “5 Spring Lawn Care Tips” 12 April 2011. HowStuffWorks.com. <http://home.howstuffworks.com/5-spring-lawn-care-tips.htm> 18 March 2014.

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