Home Fall Maintenance Tips

Homeownership is a big responsibility. There’s the financial commitment of a mortgage, taxes and insurance, but there’s also the responsibility of maintaining your home. Tasks like HVAC tuneup, landscaping upkeep and gutter cleaning help you avoid the cost and stress of unexpected repairs. It can be hard to keep up with maintenance when you own a home, but we have you covered with this FALL  home maintenance checklist.

Article Written by: Emily Moore/Consumer Affairs

Fall home maintenance

The weather’s cooling down and it’s getting closer to using your fireplace ready and heating system. Prepare for the colder weather with these steps.


  1. Prepare the gutters and downspouts by cleaning any debris, ensuring they’re draining properly, and check that the drains are securely fastened in place. Improper drainage can lead to wood rot, siding damage and even foundation issues.
  2. Inspect the roof for any visual damage like lifting shingles or exposed nails, and clear off any debris. The freezing temperatures can make the damage worse, and you don’t want snow leaking into your home.
  3. If you have a pool, make sure the pool cover is securely in place and that it can withstand ice and snow.
  4. Cover or store outdoor furniture and lawn tools you won’t need in the cooler months, or put them in storage. This will keep items from shifting in a storm or otherwise getting damaged.
  5. Visually inspect concrete and the home’s foundation for any cracks and have them repaired if needed. The cold weather can make cracks worse and lead to expensive repairs.


  1. Check window/door seals and insulation to prevent air drafts and to improve the energy efficiency of your heating system.
  2. Remove screens from windows. Cold weather and winter storms can damage screens, and removing them will protect them until the spring.
  3. Have your heating system inspected to make sure it’s ready for the cold weather. Having a properly working system can save energy costs and help avoid a midseason repair that leaves you without heat.
  4. Inspect and clean your fireplace and chimney. Cracks and leftover soot and ash are a fire hazard, and with the cold weather coming, the fireplace will be ready for use.
  5. Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise. The fan will push the warm air at the top of the room down, better distributing heat throughout the home.

If you need professional help with any of these tips contact me to get my (free) list of local professionals.



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