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I’m always amazed at how quickly my home gets cluttered.  I try to keep up with children’s outgrown clothes and toys they no longer play with.  I clean out my frig and pantry regularly. The list goes on, but you get where I’m coming from, right? I try to be aware of downsizing my stuff. I have a rule: Bring one thing in, take one thing out.  I follow this pretty well, but I’m still drowning in stuff. I’m sure you have read plenty of articles about how to organize, well, here is one more.  I found this article on the National Association of Realtors website.  I hope you find a new tip to help yourself or maybe you are just reading, “for a friend”.

Six Tips from professional organizers Rhea Becker of The Clutter Queen in Boston and Barry Izsak of to keep you from feeling overwhelmed if you are thinking of moving or you just have too much stuff.

Tackle a room in a methodical way. Head to a corner, work on that area, and move clockwise until the room is completed. This might take several hours or days. “Keep at it,” Becker advises, noting that the feeling of elation upon completing an entire room will offer the adrenalin necessary to move onto tougher spots.

Work small. In any room, Izsak suggests thinking of bite-sized pieces–a single closet or drawer, which will offer immediate gratification once cleaned. “For most, that means not starting in a garage or attic since there’s usually so much stuff there, but in a smaller space that’s used daily. Becker loves starting with “that little kitchen drawer” where homeowners have crammed takeout menus, rubber bands, plastic cutlery, and sugar packets. “Only put back what you really will use,” she says.

Think in categories. If clients are overwhelmed by tackling an entire closet, tell them to start with one category. Pair up all shoes, then purge the ones that need repair, are worn out, aren’t in style, or that they are simply tired of, Becker says. Move on next to a new category such as belts, scarves, socks, ties.

Love those thrift shops. Becker recommends keeping a box or large sturdy bag (or bags) in a convenient place and adding items to it that you are ready to part with. As soon as the box or bags are filled, it goes to a local shop.

Wear or lose. If you haven’t worn something in a few years, give it away, Becker says. If it’s vintage and valuable, it can become a candidate for an estate sale or auction. Or maybe your grown children may now think that ‘80s bag is so cool.

Don’t repair broken stuff. If you have stuff that’s broken, torn, or missing a part, get rid of it, Becker urges. Most people never get around to fixing things they think they will unless it’s valuable monetarily or sentimentally.

Slow down when selling. When you try to downsize in a month, you hurry and may end up giving away too much, Izsak says. “Try to sell what you can slowly and you’re more likely to get more money when not in a rush,” he says. Find the right seller—an art gallery that represents a certain artist or genre.

Ditch the cardboard boxes. When all’s done and clients say they may re-use all the cardboard boxes that accumulated from ordering online, suggest they give those a heave-ho unless they can use a few for their move, Baker says. Some stores may like having them for customers, so ask.

As person who tries to keep an organized home and being a REALTOR I have resources – hiring a professional organizer, ideas on how to sell items, or where to donate items.  I can help with any aspect of buying/selling, renovating or organizing. If it has to do with houses, I can help.  If I don’t have the answer I know someone who will.

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